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Waiting until Spring to House Hunt? You May Want to Rethink That.

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House in the Snow.Waiting until Spring to House Hunt? You May Want to Rethink That. Conventional wisdom says that shopping for a new house happens in the spring and summer months. Yes the weather is nicer in spring and summer, and if you have school aged children that will be required to change schools, summer is often a better time to make the changes. However, if that is not the case and you have some flexibility, there are some very good reasons to make winter your house hunting time.

Less Competition

Anyone who has ever lost their dream home in a multiple bidding situation knows that competition for their dream home, can be devastating and unfortunately drive prices way up. If you find the home to be amazing, chances are other potential buyers will find it equally amazing. In general, less buyers are out looking in winter, giving you an advantage. Less chances of multiple offers, less chances that price will be driven up both mean a better outcome for you.

Sometimes Winter Prices Are Lower

Supply and Demand. If there are fewer buyers in the market, supply can exceed demand which can translate to a better prices across the board.

Motivated Sellers

If someone is listing in the winter, they want and sometimes need to sell. Agents may be more willing to negotiate and buyers can end up with a great advantage.

Motivated Agents

Tracy and her team are highly motivated 356 days of the year regardless of the season, but again economics can come in to play. If the market is slow and the agent does not have as many buyers and sellers to represent, the agent may be motivated to work
extra hard to find you your dream home and close the deal. The agent’s undivided attention should also be the norm, but the leaner months may work for you!

So grab your sweater or coat, and get out there and enjoy the search! There’s a home that’s sure to perfect for you and your family. Tracy and her team are completely dedicated to their clients all year round. Contact her today and prepare to list your home, or begin searching for your dream home.

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